Project management methodology

Project management - The need for a clear methodology

"Project management" refers to the methodological organization put in place to ensure that the work done by the contractor meets the expectations of the client, and that it is delivered within the cost and time limitations determined initially, independently of its "manufacture". To this end, project management seeks to ensure coordination of the people involved in the project and of the tasks in the interest of efficiency and profitability.

This is why a "project manager" is appointed at the client level, in order to maintain in constant contact (in theory) with the contractor's project manager. Due to the obvious ambiguity of the term "project manager," AFNOR predicts that an alternative term such as "person in charge of project" will be preferred to indicate the client's project manager. The terms "user's project manager" or "project director" are sometimes also used.

In the case of large projects, the client can appoint a project management team, i.e., a project team that answers to the person in charge of the product and assists the person in charge in managing the project, as well as with strategic, political, and goal-setting decisions. The project manager should be relieved of his/her normal activities and responsibilities so that s/he can be completely dedicated to managing the project.

The term "project management" supplements the notion of project management, by adding to it a supplementary dimension related to the determination of the strategic and political objectives of management (thus, it includes project management).

The choice of a methodology for the management of a product, as restrictive as it might seem, is an asset that allows all involved in the project to act jointly in an organized fashion in accordance with clearly expressed rules. This common methodology is all the more important because those involved in the project sometimes change in part over the course of the project!

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