Management organizational chart

Management organizational chart

A project must be included in the general objectives of the business, because it generally mobilizes personnel for a long period of time. This is why it is necessary for an organization to determine its intentions in the medium term (one to three years) before even starting projects.

Thus, the management organizational chart serves to provide prospective strategic orientation in order to provide a rough idea of the interrelation of the principal objectives over time. Thus, it makes it possible to define priorities in terms of achievement of objectives and to provide visibility to the organization's ambitions. The management organizational chart, in the case of large structures, may be useful in the form of a Strategic Organizational Chart (sometimes General Organizational Chart), combining several different management organizational charts.

The management organizational chart is created by a Management Committee (or Strategic Committee), combining the repesentatives of the organizations's general management. The Management Committee therefore represents the general management of the company for all projects.

However, the inclusion of a project in the management organizational chart does not guarantee that the related work will be done. In fact, the term "project" includes intention, which implies feasibility, which is one of the intermediate stages between the creation of the management organizational chart and the start of the project.

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