Information systems governance (IT Governance)

The Concept of Governance

The term "Governance" specifies the ability of an organization to be able to control and regulate its own operation so as to avoid conflicts of interest related to the division between beneficiaries (shareholders) and people involved in the company.

Governance is a generic term which can be used according to...The term "political governance" is used in the case of interaction between the State (government) and Society (citizens and private companies). In the case of a company or industrial group, we talk instead of "corporate governance".

Sadly the term "Governance" in particular became more popular during affairs involving large industrial groups (Enron, Swissair) where a lack of monitoring or confusion in roles led to bankruptcy.

Finally, the recurring theme of Internet Governance refers to the American governments stranglehold on the root servers (central servers) for the domain name system governing the very operation of the Internet.

IT Governance

IT Governance refers to the management and regulation of the Information Systems set up by a company to achieve its objectives. As such, IT governance forms an integral part of corporate governance.

In particular the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and COBIT methods are supports making it possible to monitor an information system and develop it according to the company's strategy.

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