Urbanization of the IS (information system)

Over the years, a company accumulates thousands of documents in different databases, sometimes with repetitions. Furthermore, strategic data is generally scattered throughout the company's information system which the entire staff or management are unaware of.

Urbanization of the information system

Urbanization of the IS (Information system) firstly comprises of studying a company's different departments (production, administration, sales, etc.), so as to be able to create a map and then study its information system in the same way.

The term "urbanization" is used as an analogy with city architecture and planning projects by comparing a company with a city and its different neighborhoods, areas and blocks.

An urbanization project starts with an inventory and evaluation of all information on the company's IS (databases, applications, services, etc.) in relation to its department, in order to rationalise it and assess the company's information capital.

The goal of an urbanization project is to produce a map of the information system's structure that can be used to improve its performance and its development. It also helps to give the company the resources to develop its information system in full knowledge of the facts.

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