File formats and extensions

Comment: The list below is not exhaustive and certain extension names may have several functionalities. As for the programmes proposed for using these files, they are not necessarily the only ones or the most appropriate ones.

ExtensionDescriptionProgramme associated
3dsStudio 4 3d Autodesk files Studio 3d max from version 3
aceThe files with the .ace extension are compressed files. To decompress them, a decompressing programme must be used.Decompressing programmes
aifFiles with the .aif, .aiff, .aifc extensions are audio clips and can be played using a multimedia player.Multimedia player
aiffFiles with the .aif, .aiff, .aifc extensions are audio clips and can be played using a multimedia player. Multimedia player
aifcFiles with the .aif, .aiff, .aifc extensions are audio clips and can be played using a multimedia player.Multimedia player
aniFiles with the .ani extension are animated cursors and can be used as mouse pointers.
arcFiles with the .arc extension are compressed files. To create or decompress them, a decompressing programme must be used.Decompressing programme

Files with the .arj extension are compressed files and require a decompressing programme such as arj.exe.

The syntax for decompressing this type of file in a command line is:
arj x name_of_file_to_decompress.arj target -va -r
The -va attribute specifies that archives in several volumes will be processed automatically
The -r attribute specifies that the tree structure will be rebuilt

The syntax for compressing a file with ARJ is:
arj a name_of_archive.arj name_of_file_to_decompress -va -r

quickzip, WinArj
aspMicrosoft Active Server Pages. These are dynamic web pages generated on the web server.Web browser for the customer, Web Server (Microsoft IIS) to interpret them.
aviVideo clip, they can be played using a multimedia player.Multimedia player
bakBack-up file; this is a copy of a file created by a programme as a precautionary measure. This type of file is not essential; it can be deleted though we recommended that you keep it as back-up.
bmpImage in Bitmap format. They can be viewed with almost any graphic programme.
batBatch file. These are text files that contain a succession of MS-DOS commands executed one after the other.
The following batch file goes in the "c:/" directory and edits the "config.sys" file.

cd \
edit config.sys

Text editor
binFile containing information in binary language
The CDR-WIN programme and some of the CD-burning software programmes use this extension for CD images.
cC language source file, they contain the programme in legible characters; these files are then compiled in order to be executed. Text editor
cabThe files with the .cab extension are compressed files. It is a format used by Microsoft to compress applications. They can be decompressed using recent decompression applications or using the CabView utility supplied with the Tweak UI package. CabView
cdaFiles for Audio-CDMultimedia player that plays CDs
cdrCorel Draw drawing
cfmColdFusion file These are dynamic web pages
cgiCommon Gateway Interface Script
cgmVectorised image
chkCluster recovered using scandisk (or chkdsk in DOS)
classJava Applet
comExecutable File Beware: this extension may mask a virus!
cpeThis is a fax cover sheet
cplControl panel module (it must be put in [c:\windows\system "c:\windows\system"] to see it appear in the control panel
cppSource file C++Notepad, edit.exe
cssStyle sheet
cueCDR-WIN image fileCDR-Win
curMouse pointer
datuser.dat and system.dat are files in the registry; they are essential
dvitIndependent DeVice; compiled text file formatdvi viewer
dbfDBF - Data Base File/Query DatabasedBase III+, MonTableur, Clarisworks, Paradox5, FoxPro Database, Psion, Aston-Tate, dBASE, dBFast, DataBoss
dibBitmap image
divxEmpty file compressed in divx video player + appropriate codec
dizFile containing information in text mode
dllSystem file
docDocument file (Microsoft Word or Wordpad)Microsoft Word, OpenOffice
dosFile for MS-DOS system
dotWord document templateMicrosoft Word
drwMicrografx Draw or Designer drawing
dwgAutoCAD Autodesk fileAutoCAD
dxfAutoCAD Autodesk file in "Autodesk Drawing Interchange" format
ecdEasy CD fileEasy CD
epsPostScript image (Encapsulated PostScript)
eqnWordPerfect equation
exeExecutable file Beware: this extension may mask a virus!
fifFractal image
flcAnimation Autodesk Animator
fliAnimation Autodesk Animator
fonCharacter font
forFORTRAN source file
fotTrue Type font
gifGraphic Interchange Format image
grpWindows application groups
gzFile Compressed using Gzipwinzip, quick zip
h.C file header file
hlpHelp file
htmInternet hypertext file
htmlInternet Hypertext file
icccolorimetric profile operated by the color management systems
icmcolorimetric profile operated by the color management systems
idfMusical file in MIDI format
iffDeluxe Paint image
igesInitial Graphics Exchange Specification format image
infInformation file (specifically for description of material)
iniConfiguration file
jarJava container file. Deployment file on applicative web server.
javJava source file
javaJava source file
jpegImage in JPEG format
jpgImage in JPEG format
lhaCompressed file
lbmDeluxe Paint image
libData library for programming languages
lnkShortcut to a document
logJournal of events
lzhCompressed fileWinzip
mMatlab sourceMatlab
max3D file
midAudio file in MIDI formatWinamp
mkvMatroska Video file. It may be played using a video player after installing the relevant
modAudio file (module)Winamp
movQuickTime Movie fileApple QuickTime
mp2Mpeg audio fileWinamp
mp3MP3 audio file (MPEG-1 Layer 3)Winamp
mpgMPEG video film (Motion Pictures Expert group)
msiMicrosoft Installer PackageMicrosoft Installer (Windows 9x), Microsoft Installer (Windows NT)
n64ROM by Nintendo 64
nfoInformation file
nrgCD image file (ISO image) Nero Burning ROM
ocxCustomized OLE check
oldBack-up (may usually be deleted)
pPascal source file
pcdKodak PhotoCD image
pctMacintosh PICT image
pcxBitmap image
pdfAdobe Acrobat fileAdobe Acrobat Reader
phpPHP Hypertext Processor version 4 (PHP4). These are dynamic web pages generated on the server.Any web browser, web server that supports the PHP
php3PHP Hypertext Processor. These are dynamic web pages generated on the server.Any web browser, web server that supports the PHP
picMacintosh PICT image
pifConfiguration file of DOS applications in Windows 3.1 95 98. Beware: this extension may mask a virus!
plPerl source file
pngPNG image (Portable Network Graphics)
ppjProject fileAdobe Premiere
ppsPowerPoint fileMicrosoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
pptPowerPoint fileMicrosoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
prj3D Studio Autodesk or Turbo C project3D Studio
psFile in PostScript formatGhostScript Viewer
psdAdobe Photoshop imageAdobe Photoshop
pspPaint Shop Pro image
pubMicrosoft Publisher fileMicrosoft Publisher
pwlList of passwords
qtQuickTime fileQuickTime
raFile in Real Audio formatRealAudio
ramFile in Real Audio formatRealAudio
rarCompressed filerar.exe, unrar.exe, WinRAR
regData file in the registry (installed in Windows 95 by right-clicking on the mouse then clicking on install).
rtfRich Text Format
scrScreen saver Beware: this extension is in fact an executable and may therefore mask a virus!
sndAudio FileWinamp
sqlSQL language
sysSystem file
swfMultimedia file Macromedia Shockwave FlashBrowser comprising a Flash plugin
swpSWAP file (can simulate memory on the disk when there is not much RAM)
tarCompressed file untar.exe, UNIX tar command
tgaTarga image
tgzTar file compressed using Gzip
themeTheme file for Microsoft Plus! or for Microsoft XP
tmpTemporary File
torrentBitTorrent fileBitTorrent Customer
ttfTrue Type Font
txtText document
urlInternet shortcut
uuASCII file encoded with UUENCODE
uueASCII file encoded with UUENCODE
vbsVBScript file. Beware: this extension may mask a virus!
vivoCompressed video
vocAudio FileSoudForge
vtcFile containing preferences for an audio file.<a href="">Virtual Turn Tables</a>
vueAnimation3D Studio
vxd32-bit driver in protected mode
wavAudio FileWinamp
wmfVectorised image (Windows Metalife)
wmvWindows Media Video, high-definition video fileMedia Player Classic, Windows Media Player, VLC,...
wriText file Write
xiInstrument File
xlsMicrosoft Excel fileMicrosoft Excel
xmMusic File
xmiUML modelling file import format
zipCompressed filegzip.exe, pkunzip.exe,pkzip.exe, Winzip, PowerArchiver, 7Zip, etc.
zooCompressed file
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