Internet connection by cable

Internet connections via cable enable you to remain permanently connected to the Internet. There is no need to wait for the connection to be established with the service provider, because you are directly connected to it.

It is already available in many towns in France (Paris, Lyon, Nice, Le Mans, Annecy, Strasbourg ...).

The advantages:

  • The connection is paid for per month not per minute, so there is a reduced cost
  • Generally speed is greater than that of a modem...

The hardware necessary for a cable connection

To access this technology you must have:

  • Cable
  • A cable service provider
  • A cable modem

A cable modem is a device which allows the Internet to be accessed via the cable distribution network.
There are two types of connection: a coaxial type connection (to the cable), an Ethernet RJ45 type connection (to the computer's network interface card).

In theory, speeds of 10 Mbps can be reached, however this bandwidth is shared according to the tree structure which connects you to the operator, so it may be that you would share (and it is probably the case) your bandwidth with all the people in your building, i.e. if all your neighbors are downloading videos performance will be affected.

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