Introduction to Office Automation

The term office automation refers to all tools and methods that are applied to office activities that make it possible to process written, visual, and sound data in a computer-aided manner. Office automation is intended to provide the necessary elements to simplify, improve, and automate the organization of the activities of a company or a group of people (management of administrative data, synchronization of meetings, etc.).

Types of Activities

Considering that company organizations require increased communication, today, office automation is no longer limited to simply capturing handwritten notes. In particular, it also includes the following activities:

  • Exchange of information.
  • Management of administrative documents.
  • Handling of numerical data.
  • Meeting planning and management of work schedules.

Office suite tools

The term office suite refers to all software programs which make it possible to meet office needs. In particular, an office automation system therefore includes the following software programs:

  • Word processing.
  • A spreadsheet.
  • A presentation tool.
  • A database.
  • A scheduler.

The main office suites are:

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