Utilities for Removing Common Viruses and Worms

What is a virus removal tool?

A virus removal tool is a small executable file for cleaning a machine which has been infected by a particular virus. Each removal tool is therefore uniquely capable of eradicating a particular kind of virus, or a particular version of a virus.

The virus removal tools found below are no substitute for using antivirus software. Antiviruses play a preventative role, intercepting viruses before they infect the computer. But if your computer does get infected, the removal utilities available for download from this site will help you take corrective measures to eliminate the virus.

How do you use virus removal utilities?

To eradicate a virus found on your machine, assuming that you know which virus has infected the system, the best method is to first disconnect your computer from the network, then get the adhoc virus removal tool.

Then restart the computer in safe mode (unless you're on WindowsNT) and open the virus removal tool.

However, some worms spread using a security flaw in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which means that you can get infected by visiting an infected site. To fix this, you need to download the patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 and higher. So check the version of your browser and download the patch if needed:


Download tools

Virus Removal Tool Publisher Size Platform Download
AutoUpder Symantec 159 KB Windows Download
BadTrans.A Trend Micro 36 KB DOS Download
BadTrans.B Symantec 121 KB Windows Download
Blaster/MSBlaster/Lovsan/Poza Sophos 128 KB Windows Download
Blaster Symantec 139 KB Windows Download
BleBla Trend Micro 36 KB DOS/Windows Download
BuddyList Unknown 208 KB Windows Download
CIH Unknown 50 KB DOS/Windows Download
CodeRed Symantec 114 KB Windows Download
DLder Kazaa 137 KB Windows Download
ExploreZip Symantec 51 KB DOS Download
FunLove Symantec 29 KB DOS Download
Gibe Symantec 166 KB Windows Download
Gigger Trend Micro 48 KB DOS Download
Gokar Trend Micro 40 KB DOS Download
Goner.A Symantec 405 KB Windows Download
Happy99 Norton Antivirus 208 KB Windows Download
HapTime.A Symantec 69 KB Windows Download
Hybris Trend Micro 24 KB DOS Download
I Love you Symantec 24 KB DOS Download
I-Worm Symantec 84 KB DOS Download
Kak Panda Software 391 KB Windows Download
Kak.B Norton 125 KB Windows Download
Klez / Elkern Symantec 142 KB Windows Download
Kriz Symantec 29 KB DOS Download
LifeStages Symantec 216 KB Windows Download
LoveLetter Symantec 228 KB Windows Download
Magistr.A Trend Micro 19 KB DOS Download
Magistr.B Trend Micro 24 KB DOS Download
Mtx Symantec 185 KB DOS Download
MyLife Symantec 169 KB Windows Download
MyParty Trend Micro 88 KB DOS Download
Navidad Symantec 205 KB Windows Download
Nimda.A Symantec 457 KB Windows Download
Nimda.E Symantec 449 KB Windows Download
Potok Symantec 70 KB Windows Download
Sasser Sophos 79 KB Windows Download
Sasser F-Securec 91 KB Windows Download
Shoho Trend Micro 96 KB DOS Download
Sircam Symantec 74 KB Windows Download
Sobig.F Symantec 176 KB Windows Download
Welch Symantec 176 KB Windows Download
Zoher Trend Micro 80 KB Windows Download
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