Webmastering - Website Monitoring

Necessary Website Monitoring

Study of Behavior

Studying the behavior of Internet users on a website can be a major qualitative indicator that can be used to help improve a website's quality.

Thus, if it is interesting to know where visitors are coming from and what they are looking for, it can also be very informative to determine why they leave a website.

Monitoring Referencing and Position

How a website is referenced and how its position evolves over time. Regularly monitoring referencing and position is recommended, so as to verify that a website still has a good position and, if necessary, take the corrective measures towards improving the position.

The "link:" command used by many search engines allows you to determine the number of websites pointing to a given address ("backlinks"). Thanks to this system, it is easy to create a gauge to measure a website's popularity.

Gauge of the number of referenced pages according to search engines:

  • Google: "site:www.commentcamarche.net"
  • Altavista: "host:www.commentcamarche.net"
  • Voilà: "url:commentcamarche.net"
  • AlltheWeb: "domain:commentcamarche.net"

Gauge of the number of links pointing to a website according to search engines:

  • Altavista: "link:commentcamarche.net"
  • Google: "link:www.commentcamarche.net"
  • Hotbot, Lycos, Yahoo: "linkdomain:commentcamarche.net"
  • Voilà: "anchor:commentcamarche.net"

Here are some examples for the website CommentCaMarche.net:

Monitoring the Competition

A new competitor on the web offering better content or particularly innovative services can easily and quickly upset the market.

In order to ensure a website's best possible position, the competition should be permanently monitored and a score card should be devised that shows gauges measuring traffic, popularity and even sales (in the case of a commercial website).

Monitoring Technology

Internet technologies evolve at lightning speed. It is important to stay informed in order to adapt your website to new Internet standards.

In addition, users' equipment also improves over time. Thus, in a couple of years, a website designed for average resolution might very well no longer display properly on most visitors' computers. Finally, Internet access of individuals

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