Change management - Project team

Change management

Everyone agrees today that e-Business projects must be accompanied by a change management approach in order to be successful.

Nonetheless, opinions differ on how to implement such an approach:

  • The project team manages the change themselves
  • An internal team deals specifically with the change management working with the project team
  • The change management approach is endorsed by an external consulting firm

Internal project team

Some project managers believe that project management and change management are indivisible and must be managed by the same team, with the project team being the group which knows the project best. In addition, dedicating human resources specifically to change management involves considerable additional cost which is not always taken into account when budgeting for the project.

Nevertheless, in this situation, the project team is the master and creator of the solution developed by them which makes it more difficult for them to question certain functionalities. In addition, the project team risks considering only those change proposals which have little influence on the team's overall workload. Finally, there is a strong possibility that change management actions may be neglected in favor of project management, especially at busy periods.

Specific internal team

Choosing a specific internal team means you can be sure of permanent follow-up with change actions and it also enables participants to identify key representatives who have an in-depth knowledge of the company and its operations.

A dedicated internal team can guarantee continuity of the approach to a certain degree with better control over costs and skills.

External consultant

Outsourcing change management to a consulting firm provides specializt consultants, whose main skill is change management, for a fixed timeframe at a fixed fee.

With the consultant there is a neutral viewpoint, not originating from a certain department within the company, nor is there any emotional aspect, nor is there any struggle for power, they often take on the role of mediator. In addition, given his status he has the professional legitimacy which few people would risk questioning.

Nevertheless, a follow-on task is to enable the consultant to get to know the company, its structure, staff and culture.

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