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Moderators are members of chosen on the basis of the following criteria: involvement on the forum and, in particular, on the technical forums; participation in the knowledge base; correct use of the moderator alerts; and demonstration of diplomacy, interpersonal skills, a capacity for analysis, and technical knowledge.

Moderation Guidelines

Moderators' actions are mainly guided by the alert feature offered to forum members, which lets them report messages that violate the terms of use.

If a user ever posts a message that goes against the terms of use, please either politely point out how to behave on the forum or use the alert link found at the bottom of each bulletin board page:
Moderator alert

When possible, offer the offending poster encouragement to correct and re-post.

The moderators' code of conduct has four rules: respect CCM users; assist CCM users, especially newcomers; properly manage alerts sent by site members; enforce the terms of use.

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