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Morgie Movie Organizer

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Morgie Movie Organizer
Linux - English

Morgie Movie Organizer is a program that allows building and organizing movie collections in an innovative and efficient way. It includes an option for searching for video files as well as their respective cover art and posters.

Key Features

Search: once Morgie Movie Organizer is successfully installed, it is able to perform search tasks to find video files on the web. It also looks for the corresponding cover art and posters.

Download: Morgie Movie Organizer also consists of a feature for downloading movies and other elements. The user has just to define the destination folder where to store the files before launching the process.

Organizing: this application also offers the ability to organize films and build a collection. The thumbnails of the movies will be assigned respectively and you will have them displayed in a small interface. A filtering system allows finding a specific video within this collection is a simpler and faster way.


Morgie Movie Organizer is practical and fits to movie fans that wish to build a wide film collection.
It is downloadable for free.


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