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Logitech SetPoint Bluetooth 32 bit Unified Driver

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Logitech SetPoint Bluetooth 32 bit Unified Driver
Windows XP Windows Vista - English

Logitech SetPoint Bluetooth Driver, is a unified driver for all Bluetooth mouse from Logitech brand. It contains the WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack. However, for users of Windows Vista, it is not recommended to install the Widcomm software. It better to used the pre-installed version in Vista or download a newer compatible version.


  • Easy installation:
  • This unified driver once installed will support all Bluetooth devices from the Logitech brand: keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • The GUI provides easy implementation by beginners.


  • The driver package comes with obsolete program compared to those available on windows nowadays:
  • The Forceware of this driver will prompt us to look for update at start-up but there is no driver update available ;
Alternative spelling: setpoint222fra.exe
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