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GetFoldersize Portable

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GetFoldersize Portable
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English
GetFoldersize Portable is a program designed to display the size occupied by folders and subfolders on the hard disk. It is developed by Michael Thummerer Software Design.

Key features

Scan: GetFoldersize Portable offers the possibility to analyze an unlimited number of files and folders. It also aims at unveiling the presence of symbolic links and junctions that may clutter the latter.

Size information: this utility is endowed with an interface showing in detail the size of folders and subfolders. It is displayed in GigaBytes, MegaBytes, KiloBytes or Bytes. The folder can be located on a removable media, a USB key, CD/DVDs or network shares.

Portability: this is available in portable version. It can be run from any removable storage device such as a USB key, external hard drive or others. Therefore, this function may be used other computers.


GetFoldersize Portable
can be downloaded for free in this site.
The generated folder tree can be printed to paper version.
Scan can be launched directly from the Windows Explorer context menu.


It only runs on 64-bits of these operating systems.


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