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JALMUS is an audio tool for learning music theory. Its main function is to improve one's skills at reading music scores and at playing piano.

Key Features

Exercises: to help the user in learning piano, JALMUS offers several exercises to quickly get used to chords, intervals and notes. The user has to regularly practise these exercises to improve his deftness.

Devices: the user is offered the ability to connect his MIDI keyboard to the computer. This paring process does not require specific additional configurations. If no MIDI keyboard is available, it is possible to play using computer keys or the mouse.

Notes and rhythms: JALMUS helps learning music notes thanks to the various exercises it provides. It teaches the user how to read them and provides various trainings for mastering rhythms. It also allows downloading additional exercises on Internet.


JALMUS is downloadable for free.

It is an Open Source which is fully customizable in terms of functions.

It is compatible with all types of operating systems.

This is a cross-platform application which can work on Mac and Windows OS too.


Nothing special to report.

Alternative spelling: installjalmus23.jar
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