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Dazzling Nature Plants & Trees Screensaver

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Dazzling Nature Plants & Trees Screensaver
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English

Nature calms our soul and body. Only looking at it or an image of it brings some kind of peace and freedom. Having a screensaver of flowers and beautiful landscape has an effect on mind. Dazzling Nature Plants & Trees Screensaver consists of several beautiful effects.

Key Features

  • Effects: several effects are available in Dazzling Nature Plants & Trees Screensaver to bring joy to the mind. In facts, it offers multiple videos (of a plant in the wind or of a flower in the rain) and pictures of lovely flowers of different types, beautiful landscapes and much more. The user will just have to choose and apply in one click.
  • Interface: the interface of Dazzling Nature Plants & Trees Screensaver has been designed to suit all users whether they are children, adults or grandparents. With only five tabs, it is possible to preview the screen saver and customize the wait time.
  • Install / uninstall: to install the program, users just have to click on “install” to run the program. If you want to change and give up the nature plants and trees screensaver, you can also uninstall the program easily. After a given period you may recover it: just one click is enough to start the execution.


  • The application grants users with beautiful landscapes.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: dazzlingnature-screensaver-1.0.exe, dazzlingnature-screensaver.exe
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