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UniConvertor is a software designed to convert a graphic file to another one. It supports various types of input and output format.

Key features

Converting: the main function of UniConvertor is to convert graphic files such as photos, adobe effect files, sketch and many others. The software is able to convert them to another graphic format that suit the user's need.

Supported format: this application supports exporting elements to various formats according to the user's needs. It is possible to export files to PDF and WMF as well as SVG, and many others. It supports importing files generated by others graphic programs.

Command line: one of the particularities of UniConvertor is that it has a command line tool and library that gives it the possibility to convert one file format to another. To achieve this action, it uses PDXF or sK1 object model.


It is an Open Source.
UniConvertor is a mutltiplateform software and can be compiled on Linux.


The use of MacOS X and Win32 operating systems / 64 requires the installation of Python 2.6, PIL 1.1.6 and ReportLab 2.3 for the Windows platform.


Alternative spelling: uniconvertor-1.1.5.tar.gz, uniconvertor.tar.gz

Latest update on February 4, 2015 at 09:00 AM.

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