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SpamBully for Outlook Express

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SpamBully for Outlook Express
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

SpamBully for Outlook Express is an anti-spam especially designed for Outlook Express. Its main function is to detect spam and to delete them.

Key Features

Spam filtering

SpamBully uses powerful Bayesian filters in order to identify junk messages. These filters work by searching for words that are generally contained in spam. When detected, the software automatically redirects it to the Spam folder so that it would not encumber the inbox.

Message bouncing

This tool also consists of a specific feature that can bounce back undesirable messages to their senders. Thanks to this option, the spammer recognizes that his mail is useless and will remove the e-mail address from his list of contacts.

Custom settings

Users can parameter SpamBully in a way that it will automatically block certain messages containing specific words or phrases. They can also add IP addresses, e-mail attachments, domains and countries to the list of to-be-blocked items.


  • SpamBully has an "Allow/Block list".
  • It is available in several languages.


  • This trial can only be used for 14 days.
Alternative spelling: spambully-, spambully.exe
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