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Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

VundoFix protects the computer against viruses and spyware by blocking them before they reach the system. It also allows eliminating infections after a scanning of the PC's hard drives.

Key Features

Scan: VundoFix offers the ability to scan the entire computer's hard drive in order to look for all potential viruses that infected the system. This action is performed as thoroughly as not to miss any potential threat that reach the registry keys.

Database: this program is provided with a large database that includes almost an exhaustive list of known malware. Thanks to that, every time one of these malicious programs tries to enter the computer's system, the tool automatically recognizes and blocks it.

Automatic update: VundoFix performs an automatic update of its virus base every week or even twice or three times a week. By this way, it ensures to integrate the newest threats so as to apply the adequate protection against them.


VundoFix can be used and downloaded for free.
It is lightweight and its execution does not slow down the computer.


This version is only compatible with Windows version prior to Vista.

Alternative spelling: VundoFix.exe
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