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For musicians, a passage to the studio before the promotion of a song is important but at the same time, it costs a real small amount of money. Peak Pro is a professional audio software for Mac OS.

Key Features

  • Track manager: music lovers can incorporate a system to transform a sequence according to their needs and requirements. Managing tracks will therefore enabling to add more music tracks in a given file. This track manager is a part of a cross-fading utility and also a sound management system.
  • Sound-bank: since Peak Pro has its own sampler or templates, so you can create your own sound-bank. This process can be performed quickly thanks to its intuitive interface.
  • Complementary tools: other functions of the software include support for MP3 VBR (Variable Bit Rate), the ability to compress WAVE files and also customize keyboard shortcuts. For the latter option, it is possible to enter musical sequences from the keyboard.
  • Interface: Peak Pro interface is fully graphical with magnetic windows. Users can therefore handle it easily.

Trial period is only 14 days.


Alternative spelling: Peak_Pro_6_Trial_Installer-6.dmg, Peak_Pro_6_Trial_Installer.dmg
Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 03:46 PM.
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Why didn't anyone support this great product. One of the best audio editors for MAC produces good quality rendering. A comprehensive tool set that can be used for most professional applications and as a purchaser myself I would have like the option to upgrade inline with MAC OS. However for these small companies developing software for professional tools it's very costly to keep up with Apple and that was the problem.

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