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genius maker

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genius maker
Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
Most students are looking for materials and courses helping in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Genius maker is a tool for exam preparation designed for high school students. It is developed by Golden K Star Private Ltd.

Key Features

  • Tutorial: Genius maker includes 34 tutorials on mathematics, physics and chemistry. We can find analytical geometry, matrix algebra, the study of radioactive decay, the periodic table, gas laws, etc. All of them are available in a few clicks.
  • Interactive software: the design of Genius maker is based on a game system. Students will understand the scientific phenomena and understand the formulas across different games. This method allows students to master several modules at once.
  • Interface: menus and buttons for each module were developed to facilitate Genius maker's handling. In this regard, users just have to click to move from one module to another. Modules (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) are also displayed directly on the interface and a click is enough to open them with exercises, lessons and games included within.


Alternative spelling: GeniusMakerFree-4-4.0.exe, GeniusMakerFree-4.exe

Latest update on November 17, 2016 at 03:09 AM.

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