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Searching for a way to share your project or a video to your office colleagues? SharedView from Microsoft is the software that can help you. SharedView Microsoft is a software to share the screen with several remote users.


Depending on your choice, it can share the entire desktop or just a selected area of your screen and restrict the right and the level of user access. Thus, you can limit their access to a format read-only or allow them to interact for group work. The program takes care of generating the passwords and links to participants who will also be sent by email. In addition, Microsoft also provides support SharedView for sharing files and the identification of each participant using the mouse cursor.

Note that a Windows Live ID is required in order to start the sharing session.


Alternative spelling: SharedView-1.0.msi, SharedView.msi

Latest update on June 30, 2016 at 03:01 AM.

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