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Client For Google Translate

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Client For Google Translate
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Being one of the most popular free translation services on the Internet, Google Translate offers accurate and quick translation. Client for Google Translate is offering the same services for a fast translation.

Key Features

  • Immediate translation: just as with Google translate, you can profit from an instant translation of your sentences, paragraphs and texts in a matter of seconds. The translation appears as you type a word. Client for Google Translate also offers transliteration and alternate translations of typed words.
  • Shortcut keys: not like any other translation tools, Client for Google Translate is integrated with shortcut keys so as to quicken the opening of the translation box. This remains useful if you do not have enough time to search for the application to run.
  • Automatic detection: having Google Translate as starting point, the application has been designed with an intelligent option to detect the language being typed on the translation box. You can only select the output language and give Client for Google Translate the task to identify the original language.
  • Automatic updates: since software and even language evolve any time, it is better to have it updated all along. Client for Google Translate is integrated with an automatic checking for news and updates.


  • Client for Google Translate is useful for translating texts avoiding crash of browsers.
  • Useful, intuitive and plain interface.


  • Nothing to report.
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