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Global Positioning System

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Global Positioning System
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Global Positioning System is a positioning system for navigation in the car and remote monitoring using a mobile phone, radio, or other methods of communication via satellite.

Key Features

Registration: in order to fully enjoy all features offered by Global Positioning System, the user has to pass by a registration step. This is entirely free and easy to perform as he will be guided through each step.

Mapping: Once the first step is done, the user can get mapping over 155 countries worldwide and voice guidance. This program includes free mapping of entire streets for all locations included in the territory of the United States.

Multilingual: the main advantage with this program is the fact it is available in multilingual version including 12 languages. For instance, we can cite English, Spanish and over more. Thanks to that, it can be used by people whose native language is other than English.

Installation: it is worth noticing that the user can have 2 files to download. The way to get sure of a successful installation process is to visit the download page, read the installation instructions to get the files.


The download and use of Global Positioning System are entirely free of charge.


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