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PCWin Speaker Record

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PCWin Speaker Record
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
PCWin Speaker Record is a program that allows recording any type of sound that comes out from the computer's speakers. It is both easy to set up and to use.

Key Features

WYSIWYG: this method is used to display the recording process. All activities are viewable from the main interface. Moreover, it also possible to display the recording progress as well as the different settings on a separate window.

Recording: the program developers designed it so as to be easy to handle. The user has complete control over the entire process. He is free to set the duration of the recording via the Start and Stop buttons.

Output: PCWin Speaker Record allows saving all newly obtained files directly into the computer's hard disk. The user just has to define the destination folder before launching the process. This kind of operation supports MP3 and WAV audio formats.

Player: PCWin Speaker Record includes a mini media player the user can use to listen to the recorded sound before saving it to the computer's hard drive. When the result satisfies him, he can define the format of his choice.


This program is downloadable for free.


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