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Cookie Spook

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Cookie Spook
Windows 2000 Windows XP - English
Every time you browse a website, a small piece of data is sent from a website and stored in your web browser. This piece of data is called as HTTP cookie, web cookie or browser cookie. This makes your visited website history entirely exposed to everyone. Cookie Spook can delete them all.

Key Features

  • Scan: with its active scanning, Cookie Spook, once downloaded and installed on the computer system, launches a complete scan of the system to detect any kind of cookies stored there.
  • Real time removal: the software offers, at any time, the ability to remove the cookie of your navigation in a matter of minutes. This action can be done automatically so as to keep your cookie history unknown to others.
  • Secure: using this tool is entirely secure since there is no way to others to discover information about your browser histories. Cookie Spook is also entirely protected against all kinds of malware and spyware.
  • Cookie blaster: this special module called “Cookie Blaster” can be activated or deactivated at any time. The process is simple. Every time the visited website tries to send the little data, “Cookie Blaster” detects it immediately. After that, the application launches a real-time deletion of the cookie.


  • Cookie Spook is a practical tool to erase any cookie from the computer and browsing.
  • Intuitive and plain interface.


  • Nothing to report.

Alternative spelling: Cookie20Spook_3.0.0.msi
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