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Skype Talking Portable

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Skype Talking Portable
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

Skype Talking Portable is a software allowing its users to make phone calls through internet instead of just sending messages to their correspondents

Key features

  • Advantageous : Skype Talking Portable gives the same advantages as the ordinary Skype. However, users can be notified when receiving or sending messages by giving alarm or other form of signals.
  • Practical : all messages, different calls either incoming or outgoing, chats and messages can be detected through the computer screen while using this software. That way, users do not have to make their correspondents wonder if they see the messages or not.
  • Easy : the software is active when there is a call on the line. Also, messages can be heard simultaneously without waiting for the voicemail to be free.
  • Efficient : sound quality becomes very clear while using this software because it prevents all background sound that may disturb the communication. In addition to that, about one hundred users can chat, and conference call is possible between 4 participants.
  • Personalization : to protect privacy, the software can hide all the calls and messages that users made by setting codes that nobody will understand but the user himself.

System requirements

  • The software works well with Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Memory : 8MB


  • A freeware version that will help the users quicken their communication by using computer as a phone
Alternative spelling: SkypeTalking_0.9.6_Portable.exe
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