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Designed by David Perry, MonkeyJam is what is meant by a digital pencil-test and stop-motion animation program. The aim is to let users capture images from a camcorder, a webcam or a scanner and create an animation from these images.

Key Features

  • Capture: to start creating animations, you have to own your own images. For that, MonkeyJam helps you to capture images from a webcam, vfw capture, a camcorder or a "firewire". The duration of the capture can be customized depending on your requirement.
  • Creating animations: MonkeyJam makes the creation trouble-free. For that, you can use several options such as save and reload X-sheets, adjust FPS rate and open an image in external editor from the application.
  • Ease of use: this small application is easy to handle. Its use does not require a special skill for creating animations. Indeed, just follow instructions and MonkeyJam does the rest.
  • Adding background music: to complete the animation, a melody can be added. In this regard, MonkeyJam enables to browse or drag and drop a sound to accompany the animation.
  • Supported formats: for importing sound, MonkeyJam supports MP3 or WAV files. Once the animation created, users can save and share their creations in AVI format.


Alternative spelling: MonkeyJam_Setup_3.0b.050529.exe

Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 06:35 PM.

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