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Resistor Colour Code Solver

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Resistor Colour Code Solver
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Resistor Colour Code Solver is designed by Abhishek. This free software evaluates the ability of the resistor from color codes on electronic component and vice versa.

Key Features

Integrated calculator: Resistor Colour Code Solver has a calculator respecting the Ohm's Law. With this tool, users can quickly assess the resistor (in ohms), the voltage (in volts), the current (in Amps) and power (in watts) of an electronic element.

Support: this program supports the treatment of several coding systems. To assist the user in this task, it deals with the resistor with 4-6 bands of different colors.

Customizable display: Resistor Colour Code Solver has a well-crafted user interface. We can customize color schemes of this program. Via using the "Custom" tool, it creates a new resistor which the colored bands are preselected.

Portable: Resistor Colour Code Solver can fit in a removable storage device. Thus, it can be launched on any machine without requiring installation. It can also be carried out on some external devices.


  • Resistor Colour Code Solver is available in multiple languages.


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