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Manual accounting uses several paper ledgers and journals and other tedious processes. Computerized accounting, on the other side, offers significant advantages. Condo Manager is a computerized tool for managing accounting

Key Features

  • Accounting: Condo Manager’s main function lies in maintaining your accounts in real estate. This is applied to private workers and company owners. It can store an unlimited numbers of data.
  • Billing and specifications: the purpose of this application is to manage the entire commercial activities for upstream or downstream accounting. And so, Condo Manager allows the purchase and billing of orders.
  • Reports: Condo Manager generates specific reports despite the extended enterprise. It has reliable financial reports and allows managers deal with audits. It should be noted that the documents can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF, or simply mailed in order to share the report with others.


  • Condo Manager offers a trial version to let users test its efficiency.
  • The application has a friendly and intuitive interface.


  • Its use requires a minimum of knowledge in accounting.


Alternative spelling: condomanagersetup.exe

Latest update on February 5, 2013 at 01:02 AM.

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