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Public Kiosk Software

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Public Kiosk Software
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English
Public Kiosk Software is a software designed to manage the security of a computer. It provides multiple ways to customize the configuration of a computer access.

Key features

Blocking: Public Kiosk Software allows the user to block the access to some functions of the computer. He can also specify the programs that can be executed. It is even possible to restrict the access to some keys.

Managing users: with this program it is possible to create different user's profiles and attribute a personal password to each of them. Thanks to that, the administrator can specify which users can access the desktop.

Shortcut creation: Public Kiosk Software is optimized for users who often work online. It incorporates a module to generate shortcuts for websites and display them right on the desktop for easier access.

URL restriction: the user can manage a list of all URLs addresses that he wants to block. This action aims to protect against harmful contents. Hotkeys can be also assigned to websites or programs for quick access.


Public Kiosk Software comes with a secure web browser.


This is a trial version available for 30 days of use.


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