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EASY-FIT Express

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EASY-FIT Express
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
EASY-FIT Express is a software destined for professional and students statisticians who are looking for accurate and reliable results. A database of 240 templates can guide them.

Key Features

User Interface: EASY-FIT Express works with a modeling language called "PCOMP". It is endowed with an intuitive interface making it simple to process. For example, to enter data, the user just has to copy them from an Excel file.

Treatment capacity: EASY-FIT Express can support up to 30 fitting criteria and data sets, 100 variables, time values in 2000 and 200 linear or nonlinear constraints. This capability gives the user the ability to take maximum explanatory variables.

Results: with this program, nonlinear regression models are no longer a problem. Since it is a statistical interpretation, EASY-FIT Express gives the most essential, inter alia, the estimated parameters, significance tests, and the correlation matrix of variance.


Users can benefit from a year of technical support and free upgrades.

The modeling language is understandable and flexible.

EASY-FIT Express calculations are based on highly effective methods such as Gauss- Newton- SQP.


Nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: EASYFITX-1.4.EXE, EASYFITX.EXE

Latest update on January 23, 2015 at 04:26 AM.

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