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Free Window Registry Repair is an utilitarian used for optimizing the operating system. It is in charge of scanning, detecting as well as deleting registry entries which are invalids.

Key features

Scan: The software has the ability to proceed to a complete scanning of the entire disc and all the existing partitions. During the process, it can detect all the errors and suspect registries which can damage the computer's functionality.

Customization: Free Window Registry Repair is completely customizable. By using the personalized analysis option, the user has the possibility to only scan specific fields like file system or only partition.

Deleting: Once the scanning process is over, the detected errors are shown on the main window of the software. The user has just to click on those he needs to delete or leave the rest if that is what fits him.

Backup: Free Window Registry Repair is capable of generating a copy of the registry backup. This is made to enable the user to get back to the original settings in case an error occurs in the future.


Free Window Registry Repair is completely downloadable for free.

The download is available in different languages.


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Alternative spelling: RegpairSetup-3.1.exe, RegpairSetup.exe
Latest update on July 15, 2015 at 08:20 AM.
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