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Spamcc is a software that allows to identify and filter spams and other undesirable items. It also helps to sort incoming messages to make them plain to view.

Key Features

Spam filtering

This utility uses Bayesian filters in order to identify junk e-mails and spam. It compares e-mail contents with several spams. If some words or phrases match with those regularly found in spam, the message is considered as a junk one.

E-mail sorting

Spamcc automatically sorts e-mails in order to ease their viewing. The user defines his grouping criteria and incoming messages will be redirected to the group to which they belong. For example, personal e-mails can be gathered in a group and professional exchanges in another.

Message tracing

With Spamcc, it is possible to locate the geographic position of the sender. A specific feature is intended for that. Thanks to this option, the user can know the exact source of a specific message. This is helpful when deciding whether the e-mail is trustworthy or not.


  • Spamcc includes a search engine that makes it faster to look for a specific e-mail.
  • It supports almost all popular e-mail clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and Hotmail.


  • This is a shareware version.
Alternative spelling: Spamcc_6.1.exe
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