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Audio Converting software are very common nowadays, either it converts numeric file to another one or from old devices to your hard drive. This is the case of Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter, an easy to use converting program.

Key features

  • Converter: Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter is meant for those who still own audio recording devices such as vinyl disks, mini-disks or tapes and want to convert files contained within in numeric version.
  • Output formats: before starting conversion, you have to set output directories like target folder, output format and so forth. Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter allows you to choose from only two popular output formats MP3 and WAV in order to tackle compatibility matters and to fasten process.
  • Quality: Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter also includes powerful tools which purposes are to improve files’ sound. For instance, this program automatically removes hisses and reduces background noises.
  • Convenient: to help you through the process steps, Records Vinyl to CD Converter comes with a guiding wizard that you can consult to get tips or help. Thus, even beginners will convert tape files to numeric easily.


  • Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter downloading is free.
  • Converted files can directly be engraved on an audio CD.


  • This is a trial version.


Alternative spelling: grsetup_1.60.exe
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The volume of the recordings is normalized when converting to CD.
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