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GetGo Download Manager

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GetGo Download Manager
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

GetGo Download Manager is a program destined for transferring videos on the Internet to the computer system. It can work with several Websites such as Google Video and MetaCafe.

Key Features

Detect and download

GetGo Download Manager is integrated with an internal Web browser named GetGo123 that is facilitating searching for videos. This is employing the users' cloud-based technology to detect video to download to the local disk.

Download acceleration

Once the video is detected, this utility is going to segment it in several threads. This process is going to accelerate the download of up to 5 times. Processing in batch is feasible where the user can rename files in batch via the filename pattern template.


This tool gives users the freedom to select the time and date when to start a download. GetGo Download Manager even makes it possible to specify the amount of time before stopping the download process.

Security assets

They can stop and resume downloads at any time, even with computer crash or Internet bad connection. GetGo Download Manager offers quite a unique function that is to scan files to download before transferring them to the hard drive.


  • GetGo Download Manager is a free program.
  • It can download AVI, MP3 and other formats.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: GetGoDMSetup-, GetGoDMSetup.exe
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