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KB Piano is a software designed for people who want to play music but do not have any musical instrument

Key features:

  • Musical inspiration : as a virtual piano, users can switch the computer keyboard into piano and then, it becomes easier to play songs even if the users do not have any musical notion.
  • Educational use : the software can be used for learning how to play piano. So, users have to follow the instructions step by step in order to get better result during the session.
  • File editing : there is a possibility for the users to edit their work. Based on that, mistakes made can be corrected before moving to the next creation.
  • Choice : there are more than 120 instruments sounds available in the software. In addition to that, about 99 channels in the software with effects like reverber, echo, distortion can be used when playing or recording songs.
  • Recording : using microphone for audio recording is possible and the files can be saved under .midi, .wma formats and can be listened in other computers.
  • Customization : users can create shortcut keys for fast use of the software. Besides, Qchords in the software can change one key into chords instrument.
  • Other options : the software is efficient when showing how to create users’ own songs in a very short time. Also, there are no suspicious threats that may damage the computer while downloading the software.


  • A powerful shareware that helps users learn music with fun.


Alternative spelling: kbpianost_2.3.3.exe

Latest update on October 1, 2012 at 01:12 AM.

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