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Windows XP Windows 2000 - English

What could be better than being able to communicate freely? Vphonet is a program that enables to do so over a broadband connection to other Vphonet users or else.

Key features

Calling: The program allows Vphonet to Vphonet users to make phone calls when it is installed. If it is only one of them who have the application, making call is still possible with a little charge required.

Virtual Number Call IN: This option of the application allows the user to receive calls from a phone or a mobile phone. Internet routes the call to a Vphonet number which is given when registering and allows the user to receive calls everywhere.

Answering machine: The software also has a built-in online and offline answering machine. This enables the user's interlocutor to leave voice mail even if he is offline. He can still check this voice mail stored on the computer later on.


The download of Vphonet is completely free of charge.

SMS, instant messages and files `sharing are also available with this software.

It is also available in different languages.


International calls are charged with defined prices.

Alternative spelling: setup-1.08.11.exe, setup.exe
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