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Devis Facture Express

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Devis Facture Express
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - French

Small businesses are increasingly using specialized applications for their invoices and their quotations. If, however, you would like to use one of these applications, Kafeo Devis Factures may suit your needs.

Key features

  • Creating and editing : Kafeo Devis Factures enhances invoices and cost estimates conception for sole traders. Its main asset dwells on its ability to fit to any kind of activity. For instance, it doesn’t automatically include VAT on micro firm and self employed’s calculation.
  • Visualisation : Kafeo Devis Factures comes with a visualisation tool to give you an overview of your current invoice. This way, you can set some changes to the print version, edit its layout and so on.
  • Backup: thanks to its ability to create invoice and quotation files, backup and archiving, Kafeo Devis Factures can monitor all your customers, keep track of all your activities (selling, purchasing, etc.) in order to carry out a well documented assessment.

System requirements

  • Operating system : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Required drive space : 38 Mb.


  • You can put on your logos.
  • For sharing it on the web, it generates PDF files.
  • Every contact will have its own histroy file.


  • This is only the Demo version.
Alternative spelling: InstallDFE -1.0 .exe
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