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Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

DelinvFile can remove data that cannot be deleted with Windows' Delete Function. Once erased, these files and folders cannot be recovered again.

Key Features

Removing process: DelinvFile is first allowing users to select files to delete on the Windows Operating system. The Directory has to be selected and then data erased. It can be a file of any extension or a folder located on any place on the hard drive.

Batch process: via selecting files one by one or in batch, their erasing can be performed in bulk. It is worth to note that this process is also available if the user wants to rename several data in batch. It is possible to keep a data without deleting them.

File queue: DelinvFile displays on its interface different kinds of information about the file in question. Indeed, the user can have can show the short and long name, the size as well as time stamp for each item. It is possible to view all entries.


DelinvFile can scan the current location for invalid names.


This version is only free for 15 days with limitation in terms of features.

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