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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English

Jan Fiala has designed the software PSPad to help the user in the edition of a source code. It has several features such as programming language and syntax highlight.

Key features

Comparing: The program offers the user the possibility to compare two texts and see their differences. To do so, he has to define the files and it will analyze them. It then shows the differences by highlighting them.

Editing: This is the main feature of PSPad. It is integrated with FTP client which enables the user to open and modify the files placed in a remote server. He will be able to open many source codes simultaneously.

Information: The software has a statusbar option in which all the related relevant information about the files the user is working on is displayed. It can for instance give the cursor position and file size, the code page and so on.


The download of PSPad is completely free of charge.

It has a spell checker which can clear off the risk of spelling mistakes.


There is nothing special to report on it.

Alternative spelling: pspad459en-4.5.9(2600).zip,
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