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Windows XP, Windows 2000, English
BurstCopy is a program that has been designed by BurstCopy Labs. This is mainly used in order to increase transfer speed of files on a hard drive. Here are the details.

Key features

Transfer: Waiting for a simple file transfer that takes too much time is quite boring. This software's main feature is to offer the user the possibility to increase that speed with its DMA support.

Control: By using BurstCopy, it is now possible to remake the transfer when some errors occurred. The user can also perform other actions like pausing and resuming the transfer. It allows him to have total control over the process.

Status: This utilitarian has the ability to show the user the progress of the transfer. It displays all the related information on the interface. It can also notify him with a beep in case of errors or when the process is done.


BurstCopy's interface is available in twelve languages.

The program has a batch file scripting support.

It also offers the possibility to reduce noise during the transfer of files.


This is an evaluation version.


Alternative spelling: burstcopy_setup-2.700.exe, burstcopy_setup.exe

Latest update on July 30, 2015 at 03:19 AM.

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