F-Secure Anti-Virus

F-Secure Anti-Virus
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English
F-Secure Anti-Virus software proposes to optimize the PC pro-tection against the risk of viral contamination from across the Web. It is conve-nient and easy to get started.

Main features

Security: This program is responsible for strengthening the protection of your computer against spyware, infected emails, spyware and all malware attach-ments. The defense system is active as soon as the installation of F-Secure [/ Download/software-39-antivirus Anti-virus].
Update: technology Cloud of fortification or shield used by F-Secure Anti-Virus system is constantly updated to recognize new threats. What does not slow down the operation of the PC while it is running.
Verification: The program performs a scan on all of the PC. Whenever it de-tects a virus, he pointed out the user for confirma-tion of deletion. Of intrusions into the system, it can immediately stop via F-Secure [/ Download/software-39-antivirus Anti-virus].


The software includes an option to quarantine detected malware.
Analysis time lasts only a few seconds.


Nothing to report


Alternative spelling: F-SecureNetworkInstaller-3.3.103.exe, F-SecureNetworkInstaller.exe

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