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Voice Finger

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Voice Finger
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

Voice Finger is a speech recognition program. It is mainly used to control the keyboard and the mouse without having to move your finger but only with your voice. You can click with only your voice.

Key Features

  • Mouse: Voice Finger enables its users to move and to use the mouse with the voice. A preparation is required for its well-functioning. In fact, users have to learn to guide the cursor with the voice before and divide the screen in several parts. The maximum controllable surface is 36 x 36 squares.
  • Keyboard: here, there is no need to divide the screen into several parts. Users just have to say aloud and clearly the commands. To make it easier, Voice Finger cuts down all commands to a minimum length, like "1", "A" and "Down 30". Nevertheless, you are still able to use mouse buttons with commands like "click left", "click right" and others.
  • Hands-free: Voice Finger enables the manipulation of a computer without touching the mouse or the keyboard. There are also other functions such as clicking with any of the three mouse buttons, clicking (several clicks at once, double-clicking and holding), dragging with different mouse buttons, automatically repeating keys, all that, without having to touch neither the keyboard neither the mouse.


  • Voice Finger is entirely free.
  • Allows you to control a computer with only your voice.


  • Only for Windows Vista and Seven.
  • Getting started is a little tedious.
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