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Fantasize Soundfont Player VSTi

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Fantasize Soundfont Player VSTi
Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Musicians are always looking for new sounds and expect something better than what a simple synthesizer offers. This is now possible thanks to specific programs such as Fantasize SoundFont player.

Key Features

Player: Fantasize SoundFont player consists of a media player that supports all files in Soundfont format. This tool contains a library where various sound samples are accessible such as drum beats, piano and guitar chords and over more.

Effects: this application also allows applying effects to improve sound rendering. The user can use an LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator, an ADSR envelope generator, a distortion unit, delay and reverb. All these effects are fully customizable. A frequency analyzer is also available.

Controller: the best way to fully enjoy the power of the application is to plug a MIDI keyboard, but it is also possible to play with the mouse or computer keyboard. All functions can be controlled with midi commands via the option dedicated to this purpose.

Operation: a host software compatible with VST format or any virtual instrument is required. No standalone version is available, but a simple VST player may fit. A high quality sound card that supports ASIO is also needed to play without latency.


Fantasize SoundFont player has an intuitive graphical interface.
The library consists of various sound samples.
It is possible to adjust parameters according to preferences and needs.


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