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Music Tag Editor

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Music Tag Editor
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 - English

It is always good to listen to a good song while knowing all the information about it. As technology is improving, Music Tag Editor is a tool available for that.

Key features

Editing: The software's main feature is to add, edit and delete metadata included in the user's audio files like MP3 and WMA. It allows having access to complete and updated information. It could be the singer's name or the writer.

File name: Modifying one audio file might be simple but it is not always the case with multiple files. With Music Tag Editor, the user has just to fill the ID3 tag and the file name will be generated automatically.

Playlist: The program offers the user the possibility to create playlist. With the ID3 tag included in the files, the user has just to define the songs he wants to listen and the software will group them into a list.

Lyric adding: Lyrics have a place in Music Tag Editor. It is integrated with a field that supports many characters and where the user can type or copy a text which will be displayed automatically when the song is played.


Music Tag Editor has an intuitive multi-frame interface.

It can generate CSV, TXT and XML file list.


This is a shareware version.

Alternative spelling: music_tag_editor_installer-2.0.exe, music_tag_editor_installer.exe
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