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Network Searcher

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Network Searcher
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Network Searcher is a search engine destined for Local Area Network or LAN. It offers several functions to seek for an item stored on a LAN network.

Key Features

Multithread search: when searching for an item, Network Searcher is performing it via multithread technology. This means that all locations are scanned simultaneously so that the result can appear easily on the main interface of the program.

Setting search: Network Searcher is providing a large number of search settings. For instance, it is possible to select Filters to seek for a specified item. Other options such as seeking data by file type, by location or by size and name are also possible.

Tree structure result: once all files are collected by Network Searcher, the program is going to display them on a tree structure on the main interface. Browsing them can be done easily so that copy to other locations can be performed swiftly.

Reports: once all results are obtained, Network Searcher enables to create and save them to other formats. Supported output files are TXT, HTML and XML. Apart from that, this report can also be exported to Winamp playlist format.


Network Searcher enables to create an MP3 list of LAN.


This version is limited in features.


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