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Who never dreamed about being able to print many documents at once? Coder Group Inc developed PrintConductor to make that dream come true. Detailed below are its features.

Key features

Automate: Working automatically is the main feature of this program. All the user has to do is the simple drag and drop action for defining and selecting which documents to print. Once done, the program will do the printing process itself.

File types: PrintConductor has the capability to handle at least 26 types of documents. The user can for instance select Visio VSD drawing, OpenOffice ODT Documents, BMP images and HTML files. As the software supports them, the printing will then go smoothly.

Reports: This utilitarian lets the user keep track of everything that is happening during the printing in real time. The number of printed and left documents is given as well as those which fail. The detailed report is given at the end.


This is a freeware version of PrintConductor.

Its single interface made for many documents makes it easy to use and to understand.


There is nothing special to report on it.

Alternative spelling: printconductor-free-setup-4.8.exe, printconductor-free-setup.exe
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