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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 - English

iGetter is a download manager and accelerator for Windows and Mac OS X. To achieve a complete and successful result, several tools can be used.

Key Features

  • Segmented downloading: this process is essential, especially when the server is limited for download speed. iGetter is making several connections to the server via downloading many segments at the same time. Download speed is highly increased because of this process.
  • Mirror: since iGetter integrates the download library, it enables to search for file mirrors to quicken the download. This can be done manually via selecting and adding server for found mirrors.
  • Scheduler: downloading data can be performed at a specific time or day of the week. A countdown lock or an exact time has to be set to activate this option. Note that, iGetter can stop, pause and resume downloads.
  • Website exploration: this program makes it possible to have a look at files to transfer to the hard drive. For that, the iGetter user can enter Web or FTP sites and choose the "Enter Site URL" on the main interface in order to download them. It can integrate Internet Explorer, Firefox, SeaMonkey and Opera.


  • iGetter can hang up the modem connection to speed up download process.
  • This is a complete program.
  • It supports HTTP, FTP and SSL.


  • This is a trial version.
Alternative spelling: iGetter2.7.0.exe
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