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Eye Relax Reminder

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Eye Relax Reminder
Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Have you ever heard people talking about the bad effects of exposing yourself all day long in front of the computer monitor? Well, it turns out that it’s true, and that you need to take a short break every 10 to 15 minutes to prevent problems with eyes, the doctors say. And fortunately, Eye Relax Reminder is the software that reminds you when to take this short break. It is a must for people like, secretaries, developers and even gamers, and it should be part of their every-day routines. The software is able to remind you the importance of this short-break, especially when you neglect it, and it uses audible or visual reminders for that. It can be configured to use a recoded voice, but can also use a WAV file when the audible reminder is used. Eye Relax Reminder is a free software and the source is also available if you want to tweak it a bit to suit your liking, of course, provided you know how to.


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